Success Story - Pontificia Universidad Católica


El Centro de Desarrollo de Tecnologías de Inclusión, CEDETi UC, tiene como misión la innovación y transferencia de sistemas de mediación tecnológica e instrumentos de evaluación que mejoren la calidad de vida de las personas con Necesidades Especiales.

Development of technologies of Inclusion. CEDETi UC, Center’s mission is the innovation and transfer of technological mediation systems and assessment tools to improve the quality of life of persons with special needs.


  • Unable to find a provider that could guide them through building a test platform
  • Needed to have a system u and running in 90 days with 24X7 support and maintenance.
  • Need an application that would support multiple browsers and devices.


  • Meet budgetary and timeframe constraints
  • Re-engineer the process for the Chilean market
  • Develop an architecture that is user-friendly and reliable with high up-time capabilities
  • Provide an SaaS solution to minimize upfront costs


  • Best solution in the Chilean market
  • Very easy to use, reliable and highly available system
  • All services provided through one vendor