Success Story - Management Services Provider


This company forms long-term partnerships with independent physician groups to offer strategies that let them work smarter, more cost-effectively today and ultimately thrive in the value-based payment models of tomorrow.


  • Highly disparate and undocumented network topologies in each physician office
  • Geographically dispersed office locations
  • A need to quickly analyze each new network , identify problems, identify gaps, and prepare / document action plans
  • An insufficient workload to justify a full-time network engineer.


  • Provided a single point of contact for the dispatch of network engineers as needed
  • Provided local network engineer availability in any U.S. Zip Code eliminating the need for anyone to travel
  • Provided network engineering resources on a part-time basis with costs only being incurred when used


  • The ability to get documented network topologies quickly as new physicians are brought on board
  • No travel required for the client team or the network technicians employed
  • Reduced labor costs with 100% utilized labor