On-Demand IT Managed Services

How do you meet project deadlines, ensure productivity and cost-effectively manage the workload associated with Infrastructure Deployment, Maintenance, Migration, Application Development and Application Maintenance efforts?

For situations such as these, there are often a number of logistical issues to consider: the coordination of personnel ensuring that they are on-site the day and time needed, communicating schedule changes to impacted personnel when they occur, minimizing the cost of downtime for personnel when they can’t be productive, the cost of traveling personnel from site-to-site, and just ensuring that everyone on the team is fully background checked and drug screened to limit liability.

Cityon’s On-Demand IT Service removes these tactical issues and enables you to manage these efforts by providing teams ranging from one-to-many “smart hands and eyes” technicians and application specialists anywhere within the U.S. for as little or as long a period as needed to meet your project goals.

Why Cityon


Single Point of Contact

We provide one point of client contact with one consolidated invoice for only hours of productive labor.


Measured Performance

We measure our performance and work with you to achieve continuous improvement.


Screened and Certified Personnel

We have background checked our technicians and verified their past performance and suitability for assignment.


As Needed Support

We provide you with ad hoc or regularly scheduled support for small locations or to fill temporary gaps in personnel.


Centralized Coordination

We identify and assign all of the certified personnel required for the assignment.


100% Utilization

You pay for only productive hours worked.


Service in Any U.S. Location

We have qualified personnel in all 50 states within virtually every Zip Code available on a 24/7 basis to meet your schedule.


Large Managed Service Projects

We provide you with resource teams for deployments, migrations, refreshes, upgrades, asset inventories, etc.


No Risk

We are easy to do business with - no long-term commitment or retainer required for services.

What our customers say:

Testimonials 1

“Cityon gave me the ability to upgrade my branch offices across 5 states in just a few weeks by providing teams in as many as 3 different locations each night. They helped us meet our aggressive project schedule.”

Testimonials 2

“Cityon provides part-time technical support to my remote offices in Illinois and California. There isn’t enough work to keep full-time people busy, but operations are still critical. Cityon keeps us up and running at these locations at a fraction of the cost.”

Testimonials 3

“Cityon gives me the ability to have qualified technicians cover for my own people when they are on vacation. It keeps the team’s productivity on track because I’m always fully staffed.”